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Man, don’t do the thing where you claim that movie A is “unoriginal” because you can make it sound exactly like movie B with a carefully worded synopsis. With sufficiently perverse phrasing, I can make The Silence of the Lambs sound like Care Bears: A New Generation.

Well? I’m waiting.

"An ambitious young woman, desiring to overcome the skepticism of her peers and excel in her chosen field, seeks out the assistance of a man with a monstrous reputation. He demands quid pro quo in return for his help; though put off by his unsettling demeanour, she agrees. Her initial victories are short-lived, however, when it transpires that her new mentor is simply manipulating her in order to pursue revenge against an older authority figure who’s been watching over her. In the end, all possible allies having been taken out of the picture by a wild goose chase orchestrated by her ostensible benefactor, our heroine must confront a terrifying enemy in an underground lair where he imprisons the innocent for his own twisted amusement."

How’s that?


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